United they stand but divided they fall

I have been watching with great unease the Palestinian situation unfold these last few days.

Palestinian President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas has sworn in an emergency government and thrown out the Hamas members of the National Unity government.

First off I would like to make it clear that I have always been a supporter of Fatah, they and the PLO are the Palestinian organisations which Irish Republicans have long bonds of friendship and contact with.

Fatah seek the establishment of a secular left wing Palestinian state so that is why I support them.

I have several misgivings with Hamas however the biggest is their deeply religious undertones and as I oppose the Catholic Republicanism of Gerry McGeough so do I oppose the Islamic Republicanism of Hamas.

All that being said however my first loyalty will always be to the Palestinian people and as a majority of them decided that Hamas should be the majority party in government I accept that.

I therefore can not support this illegitimate action by Abbas which is usurping the democratic wish of the Palestinian people

I understand why Abbas was forced to do this; the crippling aid embargo by the West was disgusting and sickening. It led to the continued suffering of the Palestinian people and to an emboldened arrogance by the Zionist squatters.

We now have a situation where Gaza is under de facto Hamas control and the West Bank under de facto Fatah control, this is not a positive situation for the Palestinian people.

Abbas must also be wary of the support that he is getting for this move by US President Bush and Zionist squatter in chief Olmert. Neither of these two have the interests of the Palestinian people in their heart.

Perhaps Abbas should remember the advice of men who came before him, "timeo Danaos et dona ferentis". That seems appropriate under the circumstances.

Palestinians need to place their differences aside and work for the best of their people; they need to work together to claw back the land that was stole from them by Zionist squatters.

They are only as strong as they are united and as weak as they are divided!!

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