Stoops deny Belfast a Sinn Féin Mayor

It seems that those kamikaze stoops have denied Sinn Féin, which is the largest party in Belfast, the position of Mayor in favour of Jim Rodgers of the UUP.

Rodgers was already the Mayor back in 2001 and even the UUP's Davy Browne said just a few weeks ago that the position should go to Sinn Féin this time around.

Now before the stoops even attempt to suggest that this is "Unionist Outreach" I would like to say one thing, bullshit!

This decision by the stoops is nothing more than a dirty deal between them and certain Unionists to keep Sinn Féin out and to secure for the stoops the position of Deputy Major.

Do the stoops even wonder anymore why they are in the position that they are?

Look at West Belfast, they are about as welcome as a dose of the clap in many areas and Alex Attwood, that great political strategist, is slowly but surely doing his best to lose their seat there.

This strategy from the stoops is nothing new, even in my own local council in Newry and Mourne. They oppose anything that is suggested by Sinn Féin and do their best to carve out little deals that exclude Sinn Féin with the help of Unionists.

Compare this to Sinn Féin's reaction in any council were we have influence or control, positions are shared equally and nobody is excluded.

It's a disgrace that Sinn Féin, as the largest party in Belfast, have only ever held the position of Mayor once.

Alex Maskey was a shining example of a first citizen for Belfast, a man who performed his role with fairness and equality. When he entered the office he didn't remove the Union Jack, he simply added the tricolour to have equality of esteem for all the people of Belfast.

I remember canvassing for Alex the first time he stood in South Belfast and I was shocked by the reaction of Unionists when I canvassed them.

Many called Sinn Féin for all sorts but admitted that they were very impressed by how Alex conducted himself when he was Mayor and as a result would be getting a preference.

That's all that the stoops have done this time, they have denied Belfast the opportunity of having a young female Mayor who would have represented everyone and not just some.

They will have to answer for that when they return to the doors looking for votes!

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