No more Orange's from London

Sorry for my lack of blogging at the moment, up until Monday I was knee deep in exams for my LPC. Thankfully that has now finished and I no longer have to think about exams.

With the LPC over I have returned to God's Country full time.

I have enjoyed London these last 10 months and have made some close friends.
It was the right move to make at the time and it now means that all I have left is on-the-job training before I am admitted to the roll.

What London did prove to me though was how sad it must be to be a Unionist, waving that Union Jack trying to convince themselves that people in England view them as members of the same nation.

One of the girls in my class was from the North and was a Unionist, not the type that tries to convince themselves that they aren't Irish in any way. She followed Ireland in all sports and even followed her own county in GAA.

She didn't however support either of the soccer teams as she said they caused too much division. She had a British passport etc but she still viewed herself, quite rightly, as Irish. A very confident if somewhat confusing identity.

Of course to the English we were just a couple of paddies, or as a few of our Law teachers christened us, the "Irish bookends".

I only ever met one single person who did not wish to see a United Ireland and that was because the poor girl was shocked to hear that there were Irish people who didn't want to be connected to Britain as we were are "such good friends and everyone has an Irish friend or relation".

A friend had told me before I moved over that it had never been more popular to be Irish in London, he was correct. I remember one girl trying to explain to me that she was Irish because her best friend was Irish, a very tenuous connection I thought.

From my experience I have to say that I never received a single bit of hostility in London even after people learnt of my politics.

London is a great is somewhat expensive city; the amount they charge for drink is downright robbery.

Now that my stint is London is over I intend to take a year out before I enter practice, after 4 years of third level education it's time for a break.

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