The new Cold War?

It's starting to look that way with Russia asserting themselves against what they see as "Imperialist aggression" from America.

This all flows from American plans, and European acquiescence to those plans, to build a ballistic missile defence system very close to the Russian border in Europe.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will aim missiles at European targets for the first time since the end of the Cold War if America continues with plans for their missile defence system close to their borders.

In an interview reported in Italy’s Corriere della Sera, Putin acknowledged Russia’s response risked restarting an arms race but said Moscow would not be responsible for the consequences because Washington started it.

He said

“If the American nuclear capability widens across European territory, we will have to give ourselves new targets in Europe,”

Putin has upped the ante even further by test-launching a new ballistic missile in a move it tied to the US missile plans, and suspending its compliance with a treaty limiting the deployment of conventional forces near its western borders.

Is this merely Putin rattling the sabre for the home crowd or is this the start of a new freeze in American and Russian relations?

With much of Europe now America's political poodle is Russia the last link in the chain that says no to American Imperialism? I don't know but I hope it is.

American arrogance in Foreign policy has reached mammoth proportions under Bush and while some in the American Congress are doing their best to curtail this perhaps an outside force like Russia is best placed to achieve that goal.

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