The 30th Dáil

We now have a new government in Dublin, a dolly's mixture of Fianna Fáil, Green's, PD's and "independents". What this coalition shows is that for many political parties politics is not about implementing your policies, it's about lust for power at any price.

After all the commotion of the General Election, the rumble in Ranelagh and the claims by Herr McDowell that the Green's were the "left overs" we now see a progressive party like in Green's in bed with two of the most morally bankrupt and corrupt parties in this country.

I watched the first session of the 30th Dáil on TV and even after all of the disappointment of the election from a shinner point of view I breathed a huge sigh of relief, that could have been us!

We could have been the new mudguard for Fianna Fáilers!

That is exactly what the Green's have become and that was all too evident straight away with the news that the M3 motorway will be going through Tara and there is nothing the Green's can do to stop it.

It seems they have no intention of trying either!

We still have the use of Shannon by the Imperial United States of America as a direct infringement on our country and constitutions stated position of Neutrality.

We still have the PD demagogue Mary Harney as Minister for Health with her "inequality is good" plans for co-location.

I firmly believe that with the possibility of a downturn in the economy, rising inflation and uncertainty in the building sector that the Green's have committed hari kari.

I hope I am proved wrong because this country needs a party like the Green's however all of the evidence points to the smaller party of coalition with Fianna Fáil taking the brunt of the flak.

I was very pleased to see Sinn Féin vote against both Bertie Ahern and Enda Kenny as Taoiseach after they abstained in the 29th Dáil.

I hope this shows an intention to seriously address out current shortfalls, to show the electorate that we will not whore ourselves out to the highest bidder. It's time for the party to take the gloves off and go for the jugular of all the main parties.

I am not talking about negative politics; I'm talking about pointing out their failings and presenting the electorate with a coherent, workable and costed alternative.

I am very happy that the "wink wink" advances made towards Fianna Fáil during the election have come to an end.

We have our backs against it with the loss of the technical group and with a reduction in the number of TD's we have.

That being said I remain convinced that our TD's and the party support that surrounds them are up for the challenge.

Game on!

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