You just can't win!!

When I published my article yesterday about our performance in the 26 counties election perhaps I was wrong.

Perhaps I was wrong to give my honest opinion in public, maybe it would have been better to says these things within the confines of the party.

I say this after the hatchet job that TalkBack (starts 1hr in) made of my analysis today, it was used as a tool to attack the party and I am angry about that.

I really do despair, their "analysis" was nothing more than an attack on the party and had no basis in reality!

I mean, Republicans are attacked for not being open enough and yet as soon as someone writes their honest opinion, free from spin, it's used as a tool to attack the party with.

I want to apologise to my fellow Republicans for my piece being used in this way.

It was meant as an honest starting point for an open debate within the grassroots and the party as to how we rectify the problems and build for the future.

I will be looking at my whole attitude to blogging after this, perhaps I was being naive.

While I apologise for how my analysis was used, I don't apologise for what I said.

I believe everything that I wrote

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