UUP call for Republican Lord Mayor of Belfast

It's not a joke, that is exactly what UUP Councillor Davy Browne has called for. This is the same Unionist Councillor that accidentally supported a Sinn Féin motion calling for a United Ireland some time ago.

Davy said

"The DUP and SDLP have both held the mayoral seat during the first two years of the current term of office, The only two parties that haven't held these positions recently are the Ulster Unionist Party and Sinn Féin.

I think they should hold the posts in the last two years of this council term."

It's hard to find any fault with what Davy says, in the interests of equality both parties should hold the office of Mayor however a lot will depend on how Unionist Lite AKA Alliance decide to vote.

Mr Browne said electing a Republican Lord Mayor shouldn't be an issue, given the example of the DUP and Sinn Féin working together at Stormont.

"If the DUP are prepared to share those positions with Sinn Fein, then sharing the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor should not be a problem."

Sinn Féin group leader Paul Maskey described the move as "logical". Paul added that the election of mayor had been sectarianised for too long and backed Mr Browne's attempts to end "old bear-pit politics" .

It's nice to hear that some Unionists can indeed be logical and put sectarianism aside for the sake of equality.

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