The Sinn Féin plot

No, I am not referring to that historic moment in 1918 when the entire leadership of Sinn Féin and the Irish Volunteers were arrested.

Arrested amid speculation/nonsense from the then Viceroy Lord Wimborne that they had been involved in a treasonable conspiracy with the Germans.

I am referring to the delusions of ubber West Brit and stickie extraordinaire Eoghan Harris.

According to Harris the problem that BBBertie is facing because of his financial irregularities/corruption is down to those nasty shinners.

In his column in yesterday's Sunday Indo, titled

"Knocking Bertie brings Provos closer to power"

He writes the following

"I believe the anti-Ahern campaign to be the most sinister, sustained and successful manipulation of the Irish media that I have seen in my lifetime. "

LOL, that's a bit rich coming from him and his paper.

"The big picture is that Sinn Fein has both a strategic and a tactical objective in the coming General Election. The strategic objective is to finish off Fianna Fail in the Republic, the way it did the SDLP in Northern Ireland. The tactical objective is to create chaos in Fianna Fail."

Now let's be serious for a minute. I would love for us to "finish off Fianna Fáil" in this election however it's not bloody likely.

Nobody in Sinn Féin has that as their "strategic and tactical objective in the upcoming election".

"In my view, Sinn Fein aims to replace Ahern either with a greener and more biddable Fianna Fail leader, or with a weak Fine Gael-led Rainbow, open to attack on the "national" question. To achieve their twin objectives, I believe the Sinn Fein dirty-tricks department provided leaks to certain prominent journalists which helped create what I call a "consensus stampede" in the media."

What utter nonsense!

The question to ask in relation to the BBBertiegate affair is, Cui Bono??

It is not in Sinn Féin's interest to use dirty tricks against Fianna Fáil. We are trying to win votes from them and nothing galvanises voters better than a sense of dirty tricks from the opposing side.

The other thing to remember is that Sinn Féin will be seeking transfers from Fianna Fáil voters. The last poll I saw relating to transfers was last year but it said 38% of Fianna Fáil voters will transfer to Sinn Féin. If that were to happen in the election you are looking at serious seat gains for Sinn Féin.

It is not in our interest to use dirty tricks against BBBertie however it may be in Fianna Fáil's??

"Securing seats for Sinn Fein is the objective aim of the anti-Ahern campaign. Flushing out that fact is real journalism. Just as obsessing about Celia Larkin is junk journalism."

LOL, he is losing the plot! Isn't it about time he was put out to pasture, it's obvious that the stickie is showing the first sign of dementia.

Nobody with half a brain cell will buy into this nonsense from Harris.

It is however a disgrace that the standard of the print media in Ireland is so low that crap from Harris is considered journalism.

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