Rumble in Ranelagh

It seems that the Green party have robbed an election tactic from the DUP.

Many will remember Peter the Punt and Co accosting Trimble and Co outside Cunningham during the Assembly campaign a few years ago.

The Green TD John Gormley seemed to think that was a good idea and attacked McDowell yesterday as he was going up his favourite lamp post in Ranelagh.

McDowell went up that lamp post to put up his now infamous "Single Party Government? No Thanks!" poster at the last General Election.

It seems McDowell had a similar idea this time and put up a "Left-Wing Government? No Thanks!" poster this time.

During his "private” press conference Gormley interrupted in order to call the Tániste and Minister for Injustice a liar.

What happened next was hilarious!!

Who said elections were dull? LOL

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