PD's set to pull plug on axis of evil

The story floating about is that the PD's may be about to pull the plug on their coalition with Fianna Fáil because of "new" revelations into an Taoiseach BBBertie's financial "abnormalities".

The Nazi, sorry, PD high command will meet today in order to decide on their course of action in light of the "new" revelations. The suggestion at the moment is that McDowell may well pull the plug on the coalition.

This isn't a moral stance against corruption as the coalition is over anyway for all intensive purposes as the election has been called.

McDowell, like PD mouth pieces before him, tries to present his party as a watch dog on the excesses of Fianna Fáil. The reality is however that they have failed miserably.

Any action they take now will rightly be seen as crass electioneering.

What now though for McDowell?

He must know that his parties days in government are numbered, the vestiges of power are slowly being stripped from his party. They are destined for the political wilderness.

In relation to BBBerties ongoing financial problems, am I the only one who senses a bit of the Father Ted about the whole affair?

When questioned by Vincent Browne on Monday he said

BBBertie-"that money was not money for me, it was money, his money"

Father Ted-"that money was only resting in my account!"

Vincent also has a number of other questions that an Taoiseach has failed to answer.

I find the reaction of Fianna Fáil sycophants hilarious, Minister for Communications Noel Dempsey being a case in point,

"There has been a fairly concerted effort over the past two or three weeks to put a whole range of stuff from the Tribunals into the public domain.

There has been a very deliberate attempt by at least one party to smear the Taoiseach in the run-in to the general election"

Shouldn't the public be aware if they are electing a government riddled with corruption? Shouldn't they have all the information possible at their disposal in order to make an informed choice?

The attitude of Fianna Fáil and the Taoiseach in relation to this issue shows nothing short of contempt for the electorate.

They demand more, they are entitled to more!

UPDATE: According to Politics.ie The Mail on Sunday will tomorrow morning accuse BBBBertie of lying to the country last Thursday when he said the £30,000 was intended for Ceila Larkin. The paper will exclusively reveal detail of transcripts they have from the Mahon tribunal which reveal that the money was intended for him, and not his then partner as he told the press on Thursday.

If this is true then Bertie must resign!!!

UPDATE: It seems McDowell has decided against giving up the Ministerial gravy train, quelle surprise. It seems Tom Parlon kicked up a fuss when the Dublin based TD's suggested pulling out.

I really hope the PD's are wiped off the electoral map in this election.

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