Paisley hands over his gun

No, it wasn't a gun from the stockpiles that Ulster Resistance brought in. It was a musket that was used at the Battle of the Boyne and which is now owned by Paisley.

Don't worry Ian, I'll use it wisely. Now where is that bastard Frank Connolly?

When Paisley met Ahern at the site of the Battle of the Boyne today he presented it to the Taoiseach for it to be given to the visitor centre to hold on loan.

This gift comes after the Taoiseach presented Paisley and his wife with a walnut bowl made from a tree at the site. The bowl was presented to Paisley by the Taoiseach as it was his wedding anniversary during the St Andrew's talks.

My god, how times have changed! Paisley handing over a gun to the Irish Taoiseach on the site of the Battle of the Boyne.

It's enough to give a Ballymena Free P a coronary embolism! This must be their version of the seventh level of hell.

Today was another big step towards lasting peace in Ireland. A meeting between the Orange and Green on the site of one of Ireland's biggest battles. A battle that decided the fate of not only Ireland but Europe as well.

I do find it amusing the brave King Billy was supported by the Pope at the time, try telling some of the ones in Kilkeel that.

The visitor centre at the site will open next year and I am looking forward to attending. This site, while a huge part of the Orange culture on the island, is part of our shared culture and history.

Paisley said

"Instead of reverberating to the roar of cannon fire and the charge of men the shot of musket or the clash of sword steel, today we have the tranquillity of still water where we can contemplate the past and look forward to the future."

I fully agree!

Let's look forward to the 32 county United Secular Socialist Republic! eh Comrade?

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