Not an Inch

I see that the new executive met for the first time today, this really is the season for great pictures. I was delighted to see that the first order of business was to rule out water rates.

The £75 Million that is required to update our water service has been secured from Gordon Brown's wallet, rather than ours!

A review into our water and sewage has been announced and we should have feedback by the Autumn.

I am glad that this has been resolved as this was a big issue during the election. I remember canvassing in Armagh city and the issue of water rates came up at every door. I reassured every voter that Sinn Féin would not allow the introduction of water rates.

I also informed them that the whole "don't pay" campaign was a red herring as the Stoop minister Austin Currie had brought in legislation in the 70's, the Payment of Debts act, that allowed the government to take the money from benefits and bank accounts.

The stoops did this after they told people not to pay their rates during the rent and rates strike. This hit my grand-father and grand-mother very hard and my grand-father cursed the stoops to his dieing day over it.

The voters were assured that while others promise, Sinn Féin delivers!

In an interesting aside Martin and Paisley smiled at one another before taking their seats as head of the executive, how times have changed!

When Paisley was asked to shift his chair for an official photograph he joked that he would move it "not an inch"

I'll give the old bastard one thing, he has a great sense of humour!

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