No more cap in hand!

That was the message from a large section of the Scottish people at the recent Holyrood elections. The SNP are now the biggest party in Scotland and received the most votes in the election.

The election however was marred with up to 100,000 Scots being denied their democratic entitlement of a vote because their papers were deemed spoilt.

So much for electronic voting, eh Bertie???

Alex Salmond had this to say

"There may well be Labour Governments and Labour first ministers in the decades to come but never again will we see the Labour Party assume that it has a divine right to rule Scotland.

Labour has no moral authority left to govern Scotland."

I was however sad to see the total wipe out of the Scottish Socialist Party and their former leader Tommy Sheridan who now fronts Solidarity. It seems that with the huge surge in support for the SNP "labour must wait" until after Independence.

The SNP, whether they form part of an administration or not, have a lot of work to do over the next couple of years. The need to convince a large section of the Scottish people that Independence is in their and their children's interest.

I wish them every success in breaking the link with England, I hope that the ancient Celtic nation of Scotland can one day re-join the other great nations of the world.

This election result reminded me of one of my favourite songs by the Proclaimers, Cap in Hand.

The lyrics seem to sum up what a lot of Scots believe about the Union.

"But I can’t understand why we let someone else rule our land, We’re cap in hand.

We fight - when they ask us
We boast - then we cower
We beg- For a piece of what's already ours"

These election results will deliver a strong message to London.

The days of the Scottish people going cap in hand are over, Alba gu bràth!

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