Memorable Irish political quotes

Last night we saw two, to my taste anyway, humorous one-liners from both Herr McDowell and Stickieus Maximus AKA Pat Rabbitte.

Rabbitte referred to Herr McDowell as a "menopausal Paris Hilton" over his craven desire for media attention.

McDowell snorted that in relation to Pat Rabbitte, Gerry Adams and Trevor Sargent he was surrounded by "the left, the hard left and the left overs"

Not bad however in my mind only one Irish politician stands out when it comes to the one-liners. Fianna Fáilers called him "the boss", a lot of people called him "a crook" but there is no denying the charisma of Charles J Haughey.

Here is some of the good, the bad and the down right dirty!

In relation to Ahern he called him "the most clever, most cunning and most devious of them all"

He said "Deep down I'm a very shallow person"

He only went to Erskine Childers funeral “to make sure the fucker was planted”

While passing a crowd of female sailors on his boat “Celtic Mist”, he shouted out “Are ye’r knickers wet?”

Charlie was talking, in the privacy of this office, to his Press Secretary, Frank Dunlop

Charlie-“Where the fuck were you yesterday?”
Dunlop- “Yesterday...Sunday...I was at home in the bosom of my family”
Charlie- “We’re making some progress.....the fucker knows yesterday was Sunday”

Haughey supporter Don Lydon, after being grilled by Charlie, was having trouble finding the door out of his wood panelled office. After a few moments, Charlie looks up

Charlie-“What are you still doing here?”
Lydon- “I can’t find the door, Taoiseach”
Charlie- “Then why don’t you jump out the fucking window?”

“Jasus, Frank, she’ll go fuckin’ banana’s when she reads this”

-Charlie's reaction on reading a Private Eye magazine article linking him with the “aging” Terry Keane, in Frank Dunlop's presence.

"I have done the State some service, and they know't. No more of that."

- His departing speech as Taoiseach, he quotes Shakespeare's Othello on February 11th, 1992

Any other Irish political quotes spring to mind?

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