McDowell in Politics? No Thanks!

I will deal with my own parties performance in a while however my first remark has got to be on the total demise of the PD's.

Yesterday morning on RTÉ (excellent coverage) it became clear that Liz O'Donnell in Dublin South, Deputy Leader, was going to lose her seat.

By lunchtime it became clear that the biggest scalp of this election was going to be the Tánaiste, Minister for (in)Justice and Leader of the PD's Michael McDowell.

McDowell has never successfully defended a Dáil seat since he was first elected. He has only been leader of the PD's for 6 months and now they face electoral extinction.

It's seems that when Harney bailed as leader she was leaving the rats to sink on the ship.

On a personal level I feel some sense of sympathy for McDowell, he had the guts to put himself before the electorate and he has been rejected. I will however miss the bogeyman's vitriolic outbursts.

On a political level I am very glad to see him go.

As Minister for Justice he has been an absolute disgrace!

-His conduct in relation to Frank Connolly was disgusting and he debased the integrity of the Dáil in that instance by his abuse of Parliamentary Privilege.

-His playing of the race card for short term political advantage in relation to the last referendum was unforgivable.

-His new Criminal Justice bill was a serious curtailment of the right to a fair trial and an attack on individual civil liberty.

-His scant regard for the privileged material of a government tribunal of inquiry made him unfit to hold the office of Minister for Justice.

While I will miss the bogeyman on a personal level I will not miss his corrosive influence on Irish politics.

Fianna Fáil will not miss his outbursts either!

I remember attending a conference last year and talking to a leading member of Ógra Fianna Fáil about McDowell, his reaction was telling

"Every time that fascist bastard opens his mouth he sends more and more of our people over to you guys (Sinn Féin)"

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