A green day, an orange day, ere the sun rises

So we have finally arrived at the day when Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley, Sinn Féin and DUP, will jointly lead the new executive at Stormont.

A great many people believed this day would not come, I always believed we could get there if people were prepared to take hard choices.

The naysayers and bitter backwoodsmen are more intent on festering bile and hatred than creating a new and equal society that our children may live in.

This day has saw old enemies put aside their differences, not their politics but their differences, in the interests of the people.

Sinn Féin remain determined to secure a United Ireland, the DUP remain determined to stop that.

That fundamental difference in approach does not however stop us from improving the day to day lives of our people.

We have an opportunity now to ensure that, I prefer Ian Paisley's term, "the squatters from England" stay where they are and allow local people to administer power.

There is a job of work to be done in Education, Health, Planning, Water Service, Agriculture and the Environment but to name just a few.

Today marks a watershed in Irish politics, a day when the spirit of the national flag really does take meaning.

Orange and Green at Peace

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