Goodbye Lenny!

Neil Lennon finally calls the curtain on an illustrious Celtic career on 26th May after the cup final against Dunfermline. Rumours are flying about already about a return to Leicester while others insist he is destined to re-link up with Keano at newly promoted Sunderland, but wherever the wee man heads I'm sure all Celtic fans wish him well. To say I was a devoted fan of Lennon would be a complete contradiction. Granted I respect the service and dedication he has shown to the club, and yes he was a diehard Celt but as a player I think he was only adequate. He was marginialised by the Celtic support for his insistence on passing the ball side ways or backwards, he wasn't the fittest of players and his temperment was questionable at times and he had a bizzare ability to cost Celtic key goals by conceding needless freekicks or penalties and also had a propensity for the odd red card especailly in Old Firm games. However what endeared Neil to the Parkhead faithful was the dignified manner in which he handled repeated death threats from loyalist death squads and how he chose his boyhood heros over the 6 counties. In his time Lennon has won a multitude of honours in Gallowgate, 5 SPLs, most likely 4 League Cups, not least a runners up Uefa cup medal. While he may not compare to Jinky, Mc Neill, Murdoch, Tully, Bonner or Larsson in terms of skill and class, in terms of service, dedication and love for Celtic Lennon must surely take his place amongst Celtic greats.

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