Enda's Bitch!

That's what many Labour members must be thinking right about now. The "alliance for change" has done nothing for Labour, in fact Labour lost their seat in Kerry South to Fine Gael.

Many of their own potential gains were got by Fine Gael instead.

All that the Mullingar accord did was to propel Fine Gael and give them a sense of credibility.

I remember speaking to many Labour members who were very unhappy by the deal at the time. They were not happy that their party was allied with one of the most right wing parties in the country.

I was watching the RTÉ coverage last night and listened very intently to Labour TD for Dublin North East Tommy Broughan.

He said that he opposed the Mullingar accord and that from listening to Blue-shirts their plan was to build for an overall majority by cannibalising the Labour vote.

It's hard not to agree with Tommy. I only hope that people like him win out in the Labour party and that they cast aside their stickie leaders.

I say this as someone who wants to see the building of a broad left wing consensus for progressive politics in this country.

There are lessons for "the left" from this election, allying yourself to either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael will not advance your objectives.

Let's hope we learn those lessons

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