DUP assembly member dies

I see that DUP East Antrim assembly member George Dawson has died after a short illness aged just 45. Mr Dawson was also the Grand Master of the Independent Orange Order.

During the election coverage I saw Mr Dawson on TV for the first time and thought he was a very able speaker, not the usual snarling that one used to associate with the DUP.

According to reports along the political grape vine Mr Dawson was in line to be a Minister.

I never knew the man and I didn't agree with his politics however he was someone's father, husband and son.

There is a human element in politics that sometimes we loose sight of in the bear pit that is politics in the North.

A man behind the party and a father and husband behind the rhetoric

This man will be sadly missed by his wife and family. It is with them that I place my thoughts.

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