The big debate

Tonight will see host to the RTÉ Prime Time debate between Gerry Adams, Michael McDowell, Trevor Sargent and Pat Rabbitte.

This has been billed as the "other debate" by RTÉ however it promises to be a much better and more explosive event that tomorrow nights dour affair with the blue-shirt and the brown envelope.

It is these parties that will set the agenda in any future government. Both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have shown in the past to be more than content to allow the junior party of government to set the policy while they enjoy the vestiges of power.

I wonder if any of you can remember the car-crash debate between Gerry Adams and Ruairi Quinn at the last election on the Late Late Show. Quinn was raving while Adams was cool and collected.

I am looking forward to seeing Adams putting these political pygmies in their place

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