Bertie speaks to the Brits but not as an Irish Republican

I see that an Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has spoken to the Brits in the joint houses of the British parliament.

Now, many herald this as the stuff of history, "Peace in our time" and other such nonsense.

Bertie is not the first Irishman who masquerades as an Irish Republican to have graced the floor of the British houses of parliament.

The Stoops do it all the time!

I did find it interesting that Bertie was introduced as "the son of an Irish Republican" rather than as an Irish Republican in his own right. I am not surprised and think it was rather appropriate.

Despite the fact that I come from an Irish Republican family and have had realitives who fought in the Tan War, Civil War and current conflict, I don't seek to live off their deeds or reputation.

I am a Republican because of my own deeds and my own deeds alone!

I look at people like Paddy who used to post here and the fact that he came from an SDLP background and admire him more than many other Republicans.

He didn't take the easy option when it came to being an Irish Republican like many of us did. He weighed up all the options and went against the grain to a Republican.

He is ten times the Republican of Ahern who has said or done nothing in his political tenure that would lead one to believe that he is an Irish Republican.

-When the issue of Northern Representation came up in relation to the Dáil he buckeled!

-When a Green Paper on Irish Unity was proposed he sneered!

-When a call was made to extend the vote for the Irish Presidental elections to every Irish citizen he was found wanting!

I judge people by their words and actions and not by the words and actions of their relatives.

When you have to rely on the good name of your relatives you know that your own is in question!

Bertie said yeterday

"it is my passionate hope that we will see the island of Ireland united in peace"

The last time I checked hope, albeit it passionate hope, never secured freedom. Bertie would do well to remember this quote from Thomas Davis, the father of Irish Republicanism

“As well might you leave the fairies to plough your land or the idle winds to sow it, as sit down and wait for freedom.”

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