BBBertie fears his brown envelopes may cost votes

I see that the most articulate man in Ireland, Bertie "money bags" Ahern, has revealed that his unethical and suspect past financial dealings may cost his patitionist party votes.

Well Duh!!!!

It seems very convenient for Ahern that the Mahon tribunal has postponed its hearings until after the election.

The tribunal was due to hear evidence relating to money Bertie Ahern allegedly received in the 1990's from developer Owen O'Callaghan.

It also emerged yesterday that the inquiry is looking into a £30,000 cash payment Mr Ahern's former mistress, Celia Larkin, received from businessman Michael Wall in 1994.

The money was used to fund work on a house in Drumcondra that the couple were renting from Mr Wall

When asked if the allegations could harm his re-election hopes, the Taoiseach said "Of course it's not helpful"

Opposition parties began to heap the pressure on Ahern by calling for a public statement to clarify this recent allegation.

Dublin Central Sinn Féin candidate Mary Lou McDonald said the electorate had the right to know about all money accepted by the Taoiseach or his former partner and also called on Mr Ahern to make a public statement.

Green Party leader Trevor Sargent said the Taoiseach should not hide behind the tribunal.

"The peculiar nature of Bertie Ahern's financial arrangements demands an effort to clarify matters before the public cast their votes. That's the way a democracy should work," he said.

This is not going to go away Bertie, even for "the most clever, the most cunning, the most devious of them all"

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