All-Ireland agenda and Big Ian

Next week will see Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley front up the newly formed Executive in the 6 counties. For many Republicans though an equally significant date awaits a few weeks away.

That date will be the day when Ian Paisley sits down with Martin McGuinness on the All-Ireland Ministerial council.

Martin McGuinness laid out the case today when he said

"Sinn Féin is seeking a mandate to be in government in the south. The implementation of the all-Ireland agenda would be hugely strengthened with Sinn Féin Ministers working in government, north and south at the same time."

"Among our priorities in government will be the completion of a Green Paper on Irish Unity within one year, identifying steps and measures to promote and assist a successful transition to a United Ireland.
We will also appoint a Minister of State with the specific responsibility to oversee this work and to direct and co-ordinate the Government's all-Ireland policies across Departments."

You can just hear the screams coming from North Antrim

It seems that many Unionists were duped into believing that Republicans had somehow transformed into card carrying supporters of the bloody link with England.

Not so mon amies!

Republicans will continue to build political strength in order to achieve our primary goal, the Unification of our country.

"Let no man doubt who will be master of Ireland when Ireland is free. The people will be the masters, the great, splendid, common, soveriegn people."-- Padraig Pearse

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