Albert Reynolds: "Bertie shafted me!"

That seems to be the view of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds after he spoke to Newstalk radio yesterday.

Albert said the reason he "misled" the Dáil, an incident that lead to the collapse of the Fianna Fáil-Labour government, was because BBBertie did not pass on a crucial document to him during the debate.

This row centred around the Fr Brendan Smyth case and the failure to extradite him. Albert went to the Dáil and apologised for this. He said that this was basically the only case of its kind in the Attorney General's office.

What Albert didn't realise at the time was that there was another case, the Smyth case wasn't unique. While Albert was making the same speech to the Dáil an usher came in with a note for Albert. It was a note to tell him that he should not tell the house that the case was unique, they found another one.

As Albert was speaking the note was passed to the man sitting behind him, BBBertie. On TV footage you can clearly see BBBertie opening the note, reading it and putting it in his pocket. Albert then went on to say what he did, unbeknownst to him that the was misleading the house.

Dick Spring was convinced that Albert had known and as such pulled down the government.

So BBBertie stuck the knife into Albert! why? Well, I could guess!

When Albert became Taoiseach after Charlie he purged the Cabinet, determined to root out all of those who were corrupt. We also know now that Albert would not have allowed BBBerties financial "irregularities" to continue had he known about them.

BBBertie then stabbed Albert in the back again when it came to the Presidential nomination in 1997.

When the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party went up to vote for the nominations BBBertie opened up his ballot and showed Albert that it had his name on it.

Albert then turned to Brian Crowley and said "That's me fucked then! if he feels he can waste his own vote"

Albert was the shortest serving Taoiseach but in my opinion he was the best. His position on the North was excellent and he had a real desire to reform Fianna Fáil. He did a lot of work on the Peace Process and was in power just at the start of the Celtic Tiger.

It's a disgrace that he was shafted in such an underhand and cute hoor way by the Haugheyites. Albert would have made a far better President than Mary", Mary, quite contrary" McAleese.

Hard luck Albert, you were shafted by "the most clever, the most cunning, the most devious of them all"

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