Yes, Minister

I haven't been posting for a few days because the fishing season has started again and I have been enjoying a few relaxed days on the lake instead of the usual blogging.

I see it has been revealed today how the different ministerial portfolios will be shared by the four main parties.

Sinn Féin selected Education, Regional Development and Agriculture.

The DUP selected Finance, Enterprise, Environment and Culture. The UUP took Health and Higher Education. The Stoops meanwhile take on Social Development.

After the election myself and a mate went through all the different positions and there was no surprise in the selection of portfolios.

I see our ministers have been announced and it again comes as no real surprise.

Conor Murphy, Michelle Gildernew, Caitriona Ruane and Gerry Kelly have been chosen to work alongside Martin McGuinness as the Sinn Féin ministerial team.

Alex Maskey has also been selected to take over as our Policing and Justice spokesperson, taking over from the excellent work done by Gerry Kelly.

It's still not certain which person will relate to which ministry but I would expect Conor to take on Education, Catriona for Regional Development, Michelle for Agriculture and Gerry as the Junior Minister in the DOFMDFM.

The DUP will most likely go for Robinson, Dodds, and Foster this first rotation alongside possibly Ian Óg as well. Their selection is not so clear cut as the other parties.

The Stoops will pick Margaret Ritchie for Social Development and the UUP will pick Reg for Health and possibly Danny Kennedy for Higher Education.

It's going to be an interesting time ahead!

UPDATE: It now seems that the powers that be have decided it is going to be Conor for Regional Development and Catriona for Education.

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