Trimble to become a Tory

I see that David Trimble looks set to break his links with the UUP and join the Conservative party. This has been on the cards ever since Trimble led his party into political meltdown.

Trimble made many mistakes while he was leader of the UUP, his own arrogance was responsible for many of them. His first mistake was to never support the peace process 100%. He was always one foot in and one foot out.

He allowed a powerful block to develop against him within his party and he was constantly fighting off leadership contests in the UUC.

His biggest mistake however was trying to be more clever than the Republican movement. He made a commitment to re-enter power sharing and then got cold feet after Republicans had delivered.

He may not have noticed but his party is now in ruin and Sinn Féin are continuing to grow from strength to strength.

He joins a fraternity of political losers who trotted off to the House of Lords including Alderdice and Gerry Fitt.

If the House of Lords is the last bastion for useless political party leaders then David better keep a seat for Mark Durkan, he's going to need one very shortly.

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