The Punt, always the Bridesmaid!

I see Paisley has revealed that, contrary to popular belief amongst political circles, he will be serving the full term as First Minister.

In an interview with UTV that is set to be screened on the 8th May he was asked how long he intended to serve, he said

"I am pleased you asked me that question. I will serve the full four years. I will not be resigning."

This will come as a shock to poor Peter the Punt who, it's understood, had an agreement with Paisley that he would serve for 6 months and then resign thus delivering the position of First Minister to him.

Doesn't your heart just bleed for poor Peter?

I mean after all his years of loyal service to Paisleyism he is still playing second fiddle to an 82 year old.

I mean we had brave Peter who struck a blow for Ulster when he invaded a petrol station in Clontibret.

Then we had his red beret period in which the organisation he was a member of (Ulster Resistance) imported thousands of illegal arms.

Those same guns were used in the attack on Sean Graham bookmakers on the Ormeau Road as well as countless other attacks.

I mean what does Robbo have to do in order to get his respect.

Not to worry, I am sure he will go home and have some wife beater, I mean have a bottle of Stella.

Cheer up Pete, it might never happen!

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