Oh, that's all right then! NOT!

I see that PUP leader Dawn Purvis has, instead of ensuring the UVF lifted their death threats, sought to question the "credibility" of these threats.

This comes after a weekend when Republicans and Nationalists in Derry and North Antrim were visited by the PSNI and told that their lives were at risk .

A Victims Campaigner was also informed that his life is under threat as well.

This is placed in context with the news that a PSNI Administrative worker was charged with possessing documents and of illegally accessing the PSNI computer system.

According to information placed before the courts today this intelligence gathering operation has been ongoing for 5 years.

Sinn Féin Policing Spokesman Alex Maskey said

"Throughout the weekend republicans and nationalists have been visited in their homes and warned of a significant threat against them. They were told that their personal details were in the hands of unionist paramilitaries. It is believed that the organisation involved is the UVF"

"This raises a number of very serious questions both for the PSNI and the British Government..

-How was this operation allowed to go on for so long without being detected?

-What has happened to the much talked about mechanisms and procedures which we are told were put in place to prevent this type of policing?

- Where did this individual work and what documents had he access to?

- How many people have been placed in danger?

- What measures are being put in place to help these people?"

Alex is absolutely correct, they are the questions that now need to be answered and instead of Dawn Purvis bluffing she would be better doing something constructive.

Like getting any threats lifted and ensuring that Unionist death squads decommission their weapons!

UPDATE: Over 100 people have been told that their security is at risk because of the UVF

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