MacCionnaith leaves Sinn Féin

I was sorry to hear that Upper Bann Republican Breandan MacCionnaith has left Sinn Féin. Breandan was working as a Political Advisor to our Upper Bann MLA John O'Dowd.

Breandan first came to public prominence as the head of the Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition.

Now, before I hear cries of "Athboy" and "Sinn Féin residents groups" I would like to cut some of the crap that one often hears when Orange Parades are mentioned.

Orange Order parades that seek to go through Nationalist and Republican areas are nothing more than acts of communal deterrence.

They are designed with only one purpose in mind, putting the croppies in their place.

The real aim of Orange Order parades, Protestant Triumphalism!

This nonsense about the "right" to march the "Queen's Highway" has already been revealed as bollocks when Unionists opposed a Republican parade in Ballymena.

I was marching on Sunday and yesterday at our local Easter commerations but they were in our own district. I would never attend a Republican march which sought to walk though a Unionist area with the sole aim of sticking up two fingers at the local residents in that area.

Only a lowlife would do that but when you see some of the dross that attend Orange Order marches it sort of proves my point, their combined IQ must be something like 12.

South Armagh does not have many, if any, Unionist areas but I suppose a similar scenario would be the Seamus Steele Cumann in Camlough seeking to march past the "pit" in Bessbrook.

It is for this reason that Breandan deserves great credit for the work that he and others did to highlight the plight of local residents who were forced to become prisoners in their own home so that the local knuckle dragging bigots could march through their area.

The reason for Breandan's decision to quit the party is not known however many suggest that he had issues with the direction in which the party was heading.

I have met Breandan on quite a few occasions at internal party meetings/conferences and also at Armagh GAA matches and I have found him to be a sound bloke.

Anyone that has ever had any dealings with him will always testify to his hard work and dedication.

Although Breandan is no longer a member of the movement John O'Dowd was correct when he said that he remains a "friend and comrade".

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