It's time for Independence

That seems to be the war cry of a lot of Scots leading up to the Scottish elections for Holyrood. This comes on the back of huge advances in popularity for the SNP.

Alex Salmond has said that if his party comes out the winner in these elections then a referendum will be held in 2010 in order to ask the Scottish people if they will endorse their plan for Independence.

I'm not Scottish, I'm Irish and so in one sense what ever party comes out on top in the upcoming election it will not effect me. However as someone who seeks the destruction of the Union I fully support our Celtic cousins in their quest for Independence.

If I was a Scot I would not be a SNP supporter, I view them as nothing more then a Scottish Fianna Fail. As a Socialist Republican my views would be much closer to the Scottish Socialist Party.

"The United Kingdom, this nominally multi-national creation, was, and remains, nothing less than an Anglo-centric, centralist state with all political power vested in the Crown and Westminster.

There is no doubting that many Scots on the make have benefited from the Union. Indeed, one such is poised to become Prime Minister. But the people, the ordinary, working people of Scotland, have gained nothing from the Union and lost much.

The SSP has been at the forefront of the call for independence, as a major democratic advance, a means by which, at last, we can decide who, if at all, we go to war with, how we treat our workers, how we run our welfare state and organise our energy resources"

The SNP's plan to keep the English Queen as their head of state post-Independence seem as a little odd to me.

"That is the argument to transfer full political and economic control to Scotland, not to interfere with either the monarchy or social union between England and Scotland.

The two countries will be independent but with the same head of state."

It seem odd to the SSP as well who had this to say

"Nor do we subscribe to the bizarre idea that the Queen should remain the Head of State in an independent Scotland.

Our call is for a Scottish socialist republic, in which the people are sovereign, not some dim descendant of the house of Saxe-Coburg, and not the multinationals who like to squat on our shores till the government subsidies run out."

The fact remains that the tide is with the SNP and not the SSP and so they are the party who can lead the charge for Independence.

The polls suggest that the Labour party are in line for a kick in the bollocks by the voters.

In all 3 votes the SNP are in the lead.

During the campaign we have had lists of major business men and women voicing their support for either Independence or the Union with England.

There is no doubt that Scottish Independence would be a wake up call to Unionism here and could very well act as a catalyst for a United Ireland and for that reason I wish the Scots well.

Let's hope that together we can consign the Act of Union, be it the 1707 or the 1800, to the dustbin of history alongside its brother the British Empire.

Éirinn go Brách agus Alba gu bràth

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