Eoin Morley, an IRA apology

I am glad to see that Óglaigh na hÉireann have issued an apology to the family of Eoin Morley for the killing of their son and brother.

Eoin Morley was a Newry Republican from a strong Republican family. He was a member of the IRA but then left and joined the IPLO. He was killed amid allegations that he was an informer.

I remember some years back a family member telling me about this and their disgust for the person who ordered it.

The person that ordered Eoin's killing did not get authorisation and is no longer a member of the movement, he's a dissident.

In fact there has long been a suspicion in Republican circles that he was, and remains, an informer.

British agent Kevin Fulton also claimed that he was involved in the killing of Eoin Morley.

Ivan Morley, Eoin's brother, has always sought justice for his brother's name and went to the Police Ombudsman and asked her to investigate.

Ivan maintains that those who killed Eoin were Brit agents masquerading as IRA volunteers. The killing, he claims, was designed to provoke a bloodbath between the IPLO and the IRA.

I think this is a very logical argument from the facts that we know.

I am glad that the Army have come out and apologised to the Morley family, it won't bring their son and brother back but it at least offers them some comfort in the fact that his name is cleared once and for all.

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