Get your hands off my Ballot box Bertie!

I see that BBBBertie has said that Ireland is the laughing stock of Europe because we still vote using pencils.

According to the exulted one we should all be using electronic voting like the French and the Indians.

I say, Bollocks!!

Our election results days are part of our shared political culture. It's a time to sit back, glued to the TV and wait for the drama to unfold.

The tallymen are a proud tradition in Ireland, able to tell the twists and turns of how an election has went simply by looking at samples of the voting slips.

That is a part of our political culture that I don't wish to see cast aside in the hopes of having the results within two hours.

Besides Bertie has a brass neck to talk about E-Voting after the £63 million that Martin Cullen wasted on that Fianna Fail wet dream, not to mention the £1 million a year it costs to store the damned things.

The Irish people don't want electronic voting, they don't trust electronic voting!

I see that in the North we are to have counting beginning as soon as the polls in Westminster elections close. I'm not too keen on this and it's entirely from a partisan point of view.

As a Sinn Féin member we are out from about 6:30 am on the day of an election until 10.00pm that night.

If you're lucky you may get a sandwich at lunch time. By the time 10pm comes all I want to do is go home, have something to eat, get a shower and go to bed.

It's the next day that I look forward to.

At the last Assembly election results day myself and four other party members watched the drama unfold in a friends house.

The Whiskey was cracked open from early on and as each result from the individual counts came in we were frantically adding up the numbers to try and tell where the seats would go.

Added to that the phone calls to comrades across the 6 counties it made for a very enjoyable day.

As an election junkie I view election coverage like a fine whiskey. Something to be savoured, never rushed and always enjoyed.

Leave this simple pleasure to us political junkies Bertie, after all, we have to listen to you talk shite year in year out.

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