Eirí amach na Cásca

Easter is a very important time for Republicans; it's a time when we remember all of our Patriot dead who paid the ultimate price in the pursuit of Irish freedom.

We remember the men and women of Easter Week 1916 who went out and struck a blow against British rule in Ireland.

We remember the courage that they showed in facing the might of the British Empire. We remember how their sacrifice lit the flame that reignited the heart of this nation.

That fire has yet to be quenched and it will continue to flame until we have achieved full independence for every county in our country.

Life springs from death, and from the graves of patriot men and women spring live nations

Every decade since the Rising in 1916 there have been Irish men and women who have stepped forward to do what they can to bring freedom to Ireland.

More often than not it was through the barrel of a gun. That was the only recourse left open to these people.

Today we have a different situation; we have the means to bring about Irish freedom through politics. Be under no illusion though, the struggle carries on.

The same struggle that Padraig Pearse and James Connolly fought in 1916 is still being fought today.

That struggle will not end until we have achieved our independence!

We will wear the Easter lily as a sign that we remember the sacrifice of past generations and a symbol of hope for the unity between Orange and Green.

Fianna Fail and other so-called Republicans who only pay lip service to the men and women of 1916 and the principles they stood for would do well to remember this quote from Thomas Davis.

“As well might you leave the fairies to plough your land or the idle winds to sow it, as sit down and wait for freedom.”

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