Dirty tricks squad strike again

I see that the Police have questioned members of the Ombudsman's office in relation to a ridiculous suggestion from former RUC members that they leaked information to the press.

These allegations concern the report which she published earlier in the year which looked at RUC collusion with Unionist death squads.

The Retired Police Officers' Association AKA RUC old boys club has claimed highly confidential details of the investigation were leaked to reporters.

The RUC old boys club rejected her report at the time and described it as "error riddled".

They wrote to Hugh Orde earlier this month alleging that staff working for Ms O'Loan leaked details to journalists - including the names of police officers under investigation - long before the findings were published.

They said that breaches legal restrictions on the disclosure of information.

Are they serious?

Despite the fact that there is no evidence for such a claim how many times did the RUC leak information to Paisley?

How many times did they pass on names and information to Unionist death squads?

In a statement, Mrs O'Loan said she rejected any suggestion that her staff have broken the law.

As far as I am concerned this is nothing more than an attack upon the integrity and autonomy of the office of Police Ombudsman. She has not been that nice token taig they all hoped, she is prepared and eager to investigate them.

The fact that Hugh Orde is allowing this fishing expedition to continue is a joke. The sooner he has to answer to our members on the Policing board the better.

It's time to put a stop to this nonsense!

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