You play by our rules!

That seems to be the message coming from the two Governments in response to the DUP's ridiculous suggestion that they want to wait six weeks before they enter power-sharing.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said

"This is not something we can live with, it is not satisfactory to us"

"Obviously there's a lot of tic tacking going on, there's a lot of talks going on, it's not Monday morning yet and we'll have to see where we are. "

"But as of now if we don't get the institutions set up the institutions collapse - that is the position in the absence of some other innovative thinking."

Now part of me suspects that Bertie's refusal to bend the knee is because of the effects that another 6 weeks of positive Sinn Féin press will have for his party in the General Election.

It seems that the most recent opinion poll has Sinn Féin on a 3% rise with Fianna Fail down a few points.

Local opinion polls across the country also show Sinn Féin gains and Bertie has to be careful.

That being said I agree with Bertie's analysis, despite the fact that a six week delay may benefit my party in the election.

This is about putting Paisley in his place, letting him know that we are not going to be dictated to by sectarian bigots from his party.

Peter Hain has said that if a deal is not reached by tomorrow night then he will pull the plug.

Now I don't believe a word that Hain says, an eel has more of a backbone than him.

DUP sources are already claiming they had a pre-arranged deal with Downing Street over their refusal to meet tomorrow's deadline, if true this is damaging for Hain.

It's make your mind up time boys and both governments must remain strong on this. If the DUP decide not to respect the wishes of the electorate by twelve o'clock tomorrow night then the Assembly should be scrapped.

Then we move on to Plan B and see how Paisley explains that one to the Unionist electorate.

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