Time to close up shop

I see that Paisley has said he wants to wait until May before he enters a power sharing executive with Sinn Féin. This suggestion by the DUP executive is spurious in the extreme.

There is no reason why the DUP could not agree to enter an executive on Monday, if indeed they are prepared to do so in May.

What is going to change between now and then?

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said the DUP was seeking to "frustrate the will of the electorate"

He said commitments to dissolve Stormont in the absence of agreement must be kept.

"If the DUP wants a functioning assembly after March 26 this can only happen through direct dialogue and agreement with Sinn Fein and the other parties,"

I agree with Gerry, the governments have already said that the 26th was the deadline and that date should be kept.

I am pleased by the comments of Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern when he said that if the DUP refused to share power with Sinn Féin, 'Plan B' is ready to kick in.

The proposed arrangement will see Dublin having a greater say in the running of the North in conjunction with the British.

The Assembly may fall but the other parts of the agreement will stay in place. The All-Ireland agenda, the equality directive and all the other parts will remain.

Paisley should be told that his suggestion is denied and that he has 48 hours to make up his mind.

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