Stoops morph into Unionist lite

I have always know that the Stoops are about as useful as an ash tray on a motor bike but their recent/continued morph into Unionist lite is staggering.

In reference to the possibility that Sinn Féin and Blair might agree to give the DUP a further 6 weeks grace before power-sharing Durkan had this to say.

"There is a real danger that any new legislation will leave us in a twilight zone where no doubt Sinn Fein will look for more concessions in return for the legislation"


Is that how Durkan views the advancement of the Irish language, Northern representation in the Dáil, progress on Equality legislation, more North South co-operation, proper economic packages etc?

I remember hearing Willie McCrea talking about "a concession a day to Sinn Féin", it now seems that Durkan has adopted that mantra also.

Is it any wonder that the Stoops are in the mess that they are when their "leader" comes out with this sort of crap.

I pray that Mr Personality continues to "lead" the Stoops as he will lead them into the dustbin of political party history.

Concessions?? What utter nonsense from Unionist lite!

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