Sinn Féin secure British army withdrawl from South Armagh

I see today it was revealed that the British Army are to pull all there troops out of South Armagh. Helicopter flights will also stop over South Armagh as part of the deal negotiated by Sinn Féin.

Recently a massive British Army watchtower, which overlooks the residents of Crossmaglen village, was dismantled.

I did find it amusing to hear local Stoop Dominic Bradley trying to claim credit for the Demil progress in South Armagh. He has never been part of it.

I was a member of the South Armagh Demil committee and we invited all politicians to all our demonstrations and protests, the stoops never showed up once. In fact former Stoop councillor Pat Toner had suggested that some of these watch towers should be kept.

It has been Sinn Féin who secured the removal of the British military presence from South Armagh. As far back as last year we were told that this was the date agreed between Sinn Féin and the British for the removal of their soldiers from our towns and villages.

The Stoops contribution to demil has been what it always was, private drinking sessions between their members and the Brits in Forkhill barracks.

The people of South Armagh are well aware of who secured the removal of the British war machine from South Armagh.

Dominic Bradley's attempt to latch on to other people's hard work is as disgusting as it is predictable.

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