Sinn Féin keep 3 seats in Newry and Armagh

Sinn Féin have quite comfortably kept the 3 seats that they held in Newry and Armagh with Conor Murphy and Cathal Boylan coming in on the first count and Mickey Brady coming in on the fourth.

The "pundits", stoops, internet trolls and all the other bottom feeders told us that this was going to be the scene of a Stoop gain in the form of socially inept Sharon Haughey.

Those of us on the ground knew that Davy Hyland hadn't got a chance and we also knew that this loyal Republican constituency would return all the Sinn Féin candidates.

The Stoop "presence" on the ground yesterday was pathetic, In the place where I was doing polling agent the stoops only had one person to cover 2 boxes and in the next station up they had forgot to send in the forms and had no polling agents at all.

Former Stoop councillor Pat Toner remarked on our "superior electoral machine" to one of our polling agents in Forkhill.

In South Armagh Sinn Féin polled 84% of the vote, an increase in 8 % from the last election. To say that what ever vote the Stoops had in South Armagh has gone into meltdown is an understatement.

It was a sad moment today to see former comrade Davy Hyland standing alone in the Banbridge count centre. I have said all along that I believed Davy had made the wrong decision.

Davy has been an active Republican for a long time; he must have known that the voters were not stupid. They saw through his "anti policing" facade and were quite angry with some of the alliances he made during this election.

How sore must the Stoops be after hyping up their chances here for the last 6 months/1 year. Sharon Haughey has been groomed for years and the voters of Newry and Armagh have rejected her.

To Dominic Bradley I say this, enjoy your MLA status while it lasts because next time out we will be going for four seats. We will look to remove the Stoop presence from Newry and Armagh once and for all.

Only a fool would bet against that and Sinn Féin in general within this constituency

Which leads very nicely on to the news that El Matador has lost the £100 bet that he had with me, the money will be going to Newry Hospice.

Will El Mat be man enough to pay up? Only time will tell

In closing I would like to wish our 3 MLA's all the best in the future, I know that they will fully represent the people of Newry and Armagh.

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