SDLP defeat, the aftermath!

Following on for the Stoops woeful election and with the acknowledgement that they will now only have one ministerial position a few questions have arisen.

The stoops will have one seat, the party leader is the only one who has the authority to nominate ministers.

Will Durkan take a Ministry for himself?

What is likely reaction from McDonnell if he was to do this?

This result will also have a massive impact on their allocation to chairs of committees, also how will this affect their numbers on the Policing board when it is re-constituted?

If McDonnell and the Belfast cabal are to take out Durkan will they move quickly?

It will be very enjoyable to sit back and watch the stoops rip each others throats as they fight over the scraps from the ministerial table.

Perhaps Durkan could become the offical tea lady of the future executive, I can just hear it now.

"Milk and two sugars Martin?"

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