Raymond McCreesh memorial attacked

I am disgusted to learn that depraved scum have once again vandalised the Hunger Strike memorial to Raymond McCreesh in Camlough. Loyalist slogans were also painted on walls in the locality of the village.

This monument was attacked last year and only last month was rededicated.

Newry and Armagh MP Conor Murphy, who is from Camlough, called for respect for all monuments.

"Those who desecrated this monument have an agenda of causing division, hurt and provocation.

"There is only one proper reaction to this attack and that is to state clearly to those engaged in this type of activity that they are wrong and they will not achieve their objective of fuelling bitterness and division."

When a person attacks a memorial, be it a Republican memorial or a Unionist memorial, they are saying more about themselves than about the person whose memorial they attacked.

This attack will not silence the people of Camlough and it will not deter Republicans.

We will keep re-building this memorial to a true Irish patriot now matter how many times they vandalise it.

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