Paisley, battered and broken!

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Paisley, a man who for a generation stood as the "No Surrender" banner of Unionism, has been reduced to crying in Westminster for more money like the orphan boy Oliver.

Now, while I am glad to see Paisley enter some sense of constructive politics it is none the less amusing to hear the man, who only a week ago said Sinn Féin had to repent, speak of devolution as "a beautiful engine".

This devolution will contain Sinn Féin, who he once declared he would smash.

How is Paisley going to sell this move, which will happen, to his more hard-line bigoted members?

Some were naive enough to believe that Republicanism would implode over Policing and so leave them free to walk away unscathed and united. Now it is they who will have to eat the shit sandwich and boy will that be sweet to watch.

Paisley is to going to have to share the co-equal office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister with Martin McGuinness.

A man who many in his flock view as the risen Satan, a man determined to see the destruction of their precious Union.

I heard Jim Allister speak during the election coverage and he seems less than happy about this whole situation.

His message was very different from that of Peter Robinson and Jeffery Donaldson, both of whom are salivating at the prospect of political power like two starved hyenas gnawing on a bone.

Perhaps Paisley, who may not live to see the end of the Union but whose party will be at the helm when it does end, would care to review this quote in relation to the fall of the Roman Empire.

It may have some relevence for today

"Yet the arts of Severus cannot be justified by the most ample privileges of state reason. He promised only to betray; he flattered only to ruin; and however he might occasionally bind himself by oaths and treaties, his conscience, obsequious to his interest, always released him from the inconvenient obligation."

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