It's all over, well almost

With most of the results in from the election it seems to be all over bar the shouting and the crying. It has been a good election for the Sinn Féin and the DUP and a woeful one for the UUP and the Stoops.

At this late stage it is looking like

Sinn Féin 28 seats, an increase of 4.

DUP 36 seats, an increase of 3.

UUP 18 seats, a drop of 6 seats.

Stoops 16 seats, a drop of 2 seats.

With Alliance on 7, PUP 1, Greens 1 and finally Deeney.

Under d'hont, not including FM and DFM, it will be DUP 4 ministers, Sinn Féin 3 ministers, UUP 2 ministers and the stoops with 1 minister.

That will leave a slim unionist majority of 6/4 on the executive.

Who is to blame for Unionism having on extra minister you ask? The stoops!

In West Tyrone their utter, utter incompetence saw them stand 3 candidates when they only had less than one quota. As a result they fractured their vote and didn't transfer to one another and as such gifted the seat to Deeney.

That is what happens when egos are allowed to rule local politics.

In a number of areas they just slipped in 1 MLA with less than 1 quota, these seats will be vulnerable next time out. I am thinking of seats like North Antrim, North Belfast, Upper Bann East Derry and West Belfast.

Sinn Féin had a fantastic election despite what the stoops, dissidents and trolls have been telling us. I would like to congratulate our comrades in West Tyrone who took an extra seat with local councillor Clare McGill.

In Lagan Valley we took a seat in the form of Paul Butler. In South Antrim we topped the poll ahead of Willie McCrea with our first ever MLA in the form of Mitchel McLaughlin. In West Belfast we also made it 5 out of 6.

We were unlucky in a few constituencies like Fermanagh South Tyrone and Upper Bann were we came within a whisker. I have no doubt that next time out we will add seats in these areas.

What now for the stoops?

The 4th party in the North and only one minister.

The simple fact remains that Stoop incompetence has cost Nationalism a ministerial position. That is something that the Stoops will have to explain to the electorate.

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