Holy Father should come to Ireland

I see that Uachtaráin Na hÉireann, Mary McAleese has invited Pope Benedict to visit Ireland when she spoke to him in Rome. This follows on from an invitation issued by the Irish Bishops last year.

After her meeting Ms McAleese said that the response from the Holy Father was, "We must see if it is possible".

Now I would never presume to tell a Pope what he should or should not do however I do think that when you consider the circumstances he should make it possible.

I have no doubt that the Catholic faith in Ireland could do with the lift that a Papal visit would bring. Let's not forget that Ireland has been a very loyal Catholic country for hundreds of years.

It's religious orders spread the Catholic faith back across Europe after the dark ages. The fact that only one Pope has graced these shores is a shame.

At a time when the laity find their faith questioned because of the disgrace of clerical abuse and its subsequent cover up I believe that the Vatican owes an explanation to these people.

The Catholic church should get down on its hands and knees and beg forgiveness for the pain and suffering that their wilfull neglect as a Church has caused.

Church authorities allowed child raping Priests to go unpunished, they then sent them to different parishes where they committed further acts against God and nature.

The survivors of Clerical abuse deserve an apology and I believe that the Holy Father should come to Ireland and deliver that apology.

Many will view it as too little too late, I however will view it as a start.

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