Fianna Fáil, the party of cute-whoreism

I was just doing a little pruning of Balrog's links when I stumbled upon the Fianna Fáil website. Now what greeted me on the front page was hilarious. Bertie appealing for members and setting out his stall.

Bertie boasts

"We are the Republican Party"

They may be a Republican party but they are a partionist Republican party. Their Republicanism ends at the Armagh/Louth border, unlike Sinn Féin who have elected Reps on both sides of that border.

They are not a 32 county Irish Republican party, they are a disgrace! More concerned with feeding from the corporate throft than advancing the Republican struggle.

"We want to build a more prosperous and fair society"

So that is why Ireland has one of the biggest gaps between rich and poor in Europe? That is why many Irish people find themselves unable to make ends meet despite the huge wealth in the country?

Sounds like Fianna Fáil have embraced McDowell's "Inequality is a good thing"

The funniest was yet to come though

"Fianna Fáil, The Republican Party, is in every community, in every county and in every corner of our country"

Right where can I sign up for the local South Armagh cumann?

Now either Bertie doesn't know that Armagh is a county in Ireland or else he is lying through his hole!

Fianna Fáil has cute-whoreism, partitionist thinking and brown envelopes but little to no Irish Republicanism.

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