Fianna Fail-"give me gear"

That was the message coming from the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis yesterday.

The Chelsea Dagger by Scottish band The Fratellis was blasted out at the Citywest Hotel as Minister for Finance Brian Cowen began his warm-up speech before the Taoiseach’s televised address.

The song contains reference to a girl that "gave me gear" - common slang for drugs, particularly heroin.

Now, one would have thought that given the problem that Dublin and other areas of the island have with drugs, particularly heroin, that Fianna Fail would have been more savvy about their song choice.

Europe Against Drugs (Eurad) international president Grainne Kenny said it was extremely bad taste for the senior Government party to play the song in front of 5,000 delegates.

“It was wholly inappropriate and in very bad taste. And I would go further and say that the party owes an apology to the families that have been affected by drugs."

“I have just come from a conference in Scotland where I met relatives of victims ravaged by drugs, and I can tell you they wouldn’t be impressed one bit by this.”

Surely Fianna Fail could have changed the song to suit their own unique party image.

Instead of "give me gear" they could have changed it to "give me brown envelopes".

With Fianna Fail it's not so much "Give me liberty or give me death" it's more "Give me liberty or give me money"

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