Europe, n'est pas couille!

I was annoyed to learn that Europe and the US are refusing recognition of the new unity government in Palestine between Fatah and Hamas.

Now the fact that the Yanks are not on side is hardly surprising, they have stood shoulder to shoulder with Zionism for decades.

They give one third of their foreign aid budget to the Zionists, which they then use to send missiles into Palestinian refugee camps.

What has surprised and annoyed me has been the European response. They have decided to be a lap dog for Americans and Zionists instead of standing firm behind the Palestinians.

In effect Europe is now a Yankee poodle!

They keep raising the issue of Hamas refusing to recognise the Zionists, why should Hamas do any such thing?

Would Mr Solano recognise the Zionists if they invaded Spain, removed people from their own land and then started to systematically cause anger and aggression throughout the entire region?.

The lack of stability in the middle east is down to one force and one force only, Zionism.

I admire Hamas for their refusal to bend the knee to decades old squatters, long may their will remain resolute and their course remain true.

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