Et tu Mandelson

I see that former Brit SOS Peter Mandelson has accused Tony Blair of "capitulating to Sinn Féin".

In an interview with the Guardian, an interview he has subsequently tried to down play, Mandelson accuses Blair of "unreasonable and irresponsible" behaviour in the way he granted concessions to Sinn Féin.

Mandelson claimed that Blair's capitulation to the Republican movement alienated Unionism.

According to Mandy

"When Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness entered the room you were expected to stand up. They were senior military, they were top brass. Apart from being leaders of Sinn Féin they were leaders of the military council."

Good stuff, nice to see Peter show respect towards his betters.

The fact remains that Mandelson was a disgrace and he usurped the will of the Irish people when he changed the law in order to allow him the power to suspend the institutions in the North.

Indeed at the time of his departure Alastair Campbell, then Tony Blair's official spokesman, openly questioned Mandelson's judgment on the grounds that he became overly sympathetic to the Unionists and too hostile to Sinn Féin.

Now I wonder who had Peter removed????

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