Can DUP hold their nerve?

That's the question we must all be asking following the recent statements that have been coming from their camp.

We have weird Willie and his hypocrisy and now we have a statement from DUP Upper Bann MP David Simpson and his lackey Stephen Moutray.

"We hope that the people of Northern Ireland will not have cause to regret this decision,"

"It is our view that both republicans and the government have more that they needed to do."

Now the question that must be asked is are their concerns enough to make them walk away like Jim Allister did?

Or will they be like the UUP version of Jeffrey Donaldson, snipping away in the background for the next while?

The DUP needs to hold their nerve and if need be sort out any internal problems they may have.

We don't need another UUP that has crisis meetings every couple of months.

The DUP should remember which way they went when they messed about with power-sharing.

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