Brits leaving South Armagh tomorrow

I am delighted to see that the British Army will be leaving Crossmaglen and South Armagh tomorrow.

It's about time that these foreign soldiers returned to their own country, they have never offered anything to the people of South Armagh.

Philip O'Reilly (34) a barman from Cross said: "We never wanted them here in the first place, and we're delighted they're finally going."

They will return home with their tail between their legs in the full knowledge that they never beat the Republican people of South Armagh and they never beat the South Armagh Brigade of Óglaigh Na hÉireann.

I wonder when they calculate their losses over the 30 year period will they consider it a tad foolish to have tried to oppress the people of "Bandit Country".

Since 1970 165 members of British Crown forces (123 British soldiers and 42 RUC personnel) have been killed in South Armagh.

We will remember the civilians that were killed and the Volunteers that the South Armagh Brigade lost as a result of the conflict.

People in South Armagh are fully supportive of the Peace Process and at the last election voted for Sinn Fein in record numbers, 84%, as testament to the prevailing confidence that this area has always showed.

When I step outside my front door it's nice to see Faughil Mountain free from an ugly spy post. It's nice not to have to walk past filth in a British Army uniform and it's nice not to hear gunfire which I did as a child.

I would say only this to those soldiers who are leaving Crossmaglen tomorrow

Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out!

UPDATE: Upon reviewing some of the comments on this thread I knew I was missing something, a wee song.

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